HELL HATE BOOZE ! Premiering: CULT OF OCCULT ‘Anti-Life’

Fuck everything around me, Fuck all forms of life, All I can hear is despair, All I can see is hate and all that is left is CULT OF OCCULT’s new LP Anti Life that comes out today via MUSICFEARSATAN! This proves once again that they can take sludge to parts of the sonic gutter were the vermin and shit do not want to even exist. To call these songs Mammoth would not be HUGE enough because every moment of this album is fucking suffocating and has the power to suck all of the love out of this world. CULT OF OCCULT has created an audio black hole where the only thing that can exist is hate. Contrary to its name, Anti Life makes you want to keep living so that you can keep blasting this motherfucker at maximum volume! This band has sent the bar high, because at this point CULT OF OCCULT’s Anti Life is CVLT Nation’s Top Sludge LP of 2018. The question now is, will any other band be able to come with a record that knocks them down a notch? I don’t think so! This record DESTROYS you more and more with each listen, the sound of  HELL HATE BOOZE  DEATH!






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