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Fuck Life! CULT OF OCCULT – ‘Anti Life’
Words – Stream – Full Set

Entitled Anti Life, the formidable French Sludge Doom band Cult Of Occult will release more than 50 minutes of music that will torture your ear canals, split your skull with its power and will be absolutely life-threatening for the faint-hearted ones – but it also makes a deep impression that can’t pass unnoticed. The album is out now via Music Fear Satan and it is streaming here and now:



Cult of Occult’s guitarist makes his instrument sound like a haunted ghost. The prologue to a pulsating riff that throws off a physical feeling of poignancy and despair to the listener leaves me speechless. The sound of the guitar twisting the feelings inside me to unbearable extremes, and the vocals reach incinerating rage that add an extra dimension to the music. The reverberating bass notes in collaboration with the prolonged screams of hate and the deep ritualistic drums pounding make the music earth-shakingly heavy.



This album is not easy to get into, but when you do, you feel rewarded. I never thought the band would make a new record that matched the brilliant Five Degrees of Insanity, but Anti Life are definitely a step up from that modern classic. Despite the darkness and despair, the band is heading for world domination.


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