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Heavy Beat Down Alert! Listen to the Moment of Truth // Kruelty split!

Unholy fuck – what do we have here? We have what might be the sickest hardcore split of 2019!!! Florida’s Moment of Truth and Japan’s Kruelty have joined forces for this mammoth BEATDOWN experience entitled “The Beginning to the End.” Over the course of this split both bands show why either band can’t be fucked with and why this split makes perfect sense. Sonically, Moment of Truth and Kruelty sound perfect together. They both straight wreck shop with thick riffs and morbid as fuck grooves that never let up!!! Tapes available through Arduous Path Recordings (US) CDs available through Dead Sky Recordings (Japan) FYI if you are a hardcore fan of just a fan of heavy fucking music this release should not be missed! We are stoked to be streaming “The Beginning to the End” in full below! You can not stop the bum rush Moment of Truth and Kruelty are the fucking TRUTH!
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Relapse DF 92123
Sentient 51423

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