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Experience the Sonic Murderfest that is KRUELTY’s ‘Untopia’

WTF I repeat WTF how fucking sick is the new KRUELTY album Untopia out now on Profound Lore Records? Real talk, it’s way fucking beyond SICK! This record is an all-out sonic murder fest — all of the songs are highly addictive Death Anthems! The sound on this album is immense and unrelenting. KRUELTY has found the perfect balance between pulverizing Beatdown Hardcore and reeking stench-filled OSDM. Putrid tunes like “Reincarnation” will rain down tormented riffs onto your reality, while crawling under your skin with maggot-inducing melody. I swear this band’s music is so gnarly that it’s almost too hard to put into words! If all you want is thick basslines mixed with grim vocals and pounding drums, then Untopia is the record to deliver everything and then some. Honestly, I have been going through some heavy shit this week, but as I blast “Manufactured Insanity” I find myself gaining the mental strength I need to eradicate to destroy any self-talk that might come to mind. It’s been really awesome to see how this band has grown over time into the beast that they have become and they deserve all of the shine they get! Damn, KRUELTY has manifested one of our favorite records in 2023. I still have a dream of seeing them live one day and I know I will totally lose my shit!

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