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Hardcore & Punks Kids UNITE!
CVLT Nation Captures: Momentum/Concealed Blade/Creeping Death

Photos: Gabe Becerra

Last Monday night, DPK Promotions did it again by bringing a stacked line up to 333. The bill featured Momentum, Concealed Blade, Creeping Death, Machine Gun, World View and Policy of Truth, and they all fucking wrecked shop. What was just as rad as all of the performances was the fact that punks and hardcore kids were united by their love of raging underground music. From an outsider perspective, some people would look at the way these humans express themselves as a form of violence, but I saw so much love in the room. Gabe Becerra all the way from LA was on hand with his camera and caught most of the madness. If you live in Vancouver, make sure to be on hand for the DPK Promotions 4 year anniversary show featuring Xibalba and many more rad bands! Thanx to all of the touring bands for making the journey up to Vancouver to kill shit!













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