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Death Metal

Experience the wretched decaying sounds of CEREBRAL ROT “Odious Descent Into Decay”

I mean, with a name like Cerebral Rot, I feel like there isn’t a whole lot of mystery as to what you are about to hear (spoiler: they are definitely not a shoegaze band). Yes, they’re a death metal band, and yes, this release is the kind of pure filth that only the folks at 20 Buck Spin can produce. In case the above info wasn’t shocking enough for you, Cerebral Rot hail from the Northwest portion of the U.S., and while I haven’t opened their promo photos yet, I’m willing to bet my last $30.00 one of them is wearing a Necrot longsleeve and/or a leather jacket in it.

Photo: Desi Hermann


With my jaded perspective on USDM aside, it’s worth noting that the band’s newest offering Odious Descent Into Decay is just disgusting. From start to finish, this record delivers punishment, pain and refreshingly self-aware songs. I think it’s finally okay for all of us to admit that this death metal train we’re all riding will come off the rails one day. However, until that day comes, Cerebral Rot are here to ensure that anyone looking to get a quick fix of torment leaves a satisfied customer. Odious Descent Into Decay is either the best metaphor for politics and life in general in 2019, or it’s simply a brutal title four dudes came up with during band practice. Frankly, that’s not for me to decide, or for you either. Regardless of its esoteric origin, this record is the sonic equivalent of pounding a Miller High Life in a sewer.

Unpure footage via Felicia Gaggins

Serious standouts on this murky beast include: Sardonic Repentance, Repulsive Infestation of Cadaver, Primordial Soup of Radioactive Sewage and of course the title track, Odious Descent Into Decay. Admittedly, the later half of the record is where things get the most *insert death metal adjective* but all in all, the PNW rarely disappoints in the crushing riff department and Cerebral Rot’s brand of repulsive, self-aware death metal is something I sincerely hope to see more of.


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