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Death Metal

Experience ACT OF IMPALEMENT’s ‘Infernal Ordinance’ A New 666% Certified Death Metal Classic

WTF I might just repeat WTF 666 TIMES because the new Act of Impalement album
Infernal Ordinance is out now on Caligari Records so beyond SICKKKK AAAFFF!!!! They kick off this filthy Death Metal party with “Summoning the Final Conflagration,” and this song will crush your reality and stomp on your nightmares. It has a menacing groove to it that never lets up and Ethan, the vocalist, kills it! Honestly, I’m so stoked for this band because they have knocked out Banging Death Metal for over a decade and they are in a zone! On the OSDM anthem “Creeping Barrage,” the band shows us that they can get low and slow while decapitating the listener at the same time. What’s evident while blasting Infernal Ordinance on repeat that these humans are having fun and it comes out in all of their tunes! The last song on the album, “Erased,” is one of the illest Death Doom songs of 2023. Act of Impalement has totally shown and proved with this album and I know for a fact it is one of the top Death Metal albums of 2023. I love the putrid sonic atmosphere that reeks on every riff and growl on Infernal Ordinance. If Act of Impalement reads this, I want them to know: don’t stop because y’all can’t stop!

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Sentient 51423

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#10 ACT of IMPALEMENT Infernal Ordinance WTF I might just repeat WTF 666 TIMES because the new Act of Impalement albumInfernal Ordinance via Caligari Records so beyond SICKKKK AAAFFF!!!!...

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