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As we all know, Skullcrush is an entity that only exists to punish those unfortunate enough to possess mortal form. That being said, they’re newest offering of filth on Raw Skullz Records, appropriately titled Archaic Towers of Annihilation is available for consumption and has already received high praise from the

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I mean, with a name like Cerebral Rot, I feel like there isn’t a whole lot of mystery as to what you are about to hear (spoiler: they are definitely not a shoegaze band). Yes, they’re a death metal band, and yes, this release is the kind of pure filth

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My initial exposure to San Francisco’s old school death metal overlords NECROT was, fittingly, the most old school introduction possible. Flicking through the cassette sale bin at the record store near my house, I stumbled across a gruesome looking tape with an impaled, armored skeleton on the cover and some

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