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Experience the Surging Relentless Brutal D-BEAT OF PHYSIQUE’S ‘AGAIN’

WTF WTF WTF it’s only Feb of 2023 and PHYSIQUE has set the D-BEAT bar high with a brand new release AGAIN out now on Iron Lung Records. This record is more than just music, it’s an audio statement against those that want to downpress us, and for that reason I consider these songs to be modern-day-Blues! As I blast “Unreal Cruelty,” I can feel the rage radiating off the riffs as they crash against my skull. Don’t get it twisted, the power that PHYSIQUE displays on this record is straight-up inspirational. I love that this band is not afraid to create songs like “Wheel Of Fascism” that resonate with me on all levels. I want to say thank you to both the band and Iron Lung Records for standing up for our Human Rights. The 14-year-old me loved D-BEAT and so does the 53-old-me. This PHYSIQUE tape is an all-out attack aimed at the corrupt shitstem that can’t be trusted! NEVER NEVER AGAIN!

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Relapse 9-19” height=
Sentient 112217

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