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Death Doom

Experience the Immense mind-melting Riffs of the new CHURCHBURN song “Swallowed By Dust”

Right now I have a raging flame of anger burning inside because of the complacency towards racism that many people in the metal scene allow to fester. As a POC, I want harm to come to those who allow racism to exist in our scene. I can’t help but have visions of violence upon those who want to do me and my people harm. The mammoth sounds of the new CHURCHBURN record Genocidal Rite is the only thing soothing my thoughts of vengeance. These Death Doom warriors kick ass on every second of this immense record. When you hear them unleash their sonic rage on tracks like “Swallowed By Dust” which we are streaming below, you’ll totally understand where I’m coming from. “Genocidal Rite” comes out on Nov. 5th via Translation Loss Records and can be pre-ordered HERE. What really impresses me about CHURCHBURN is their unreal songwriting. Yeah, this band can get heavy AF, but it’s their tones of empathy that make me a HUGE CHURCHBURN fan. I want to say thank you to them for giving my inner rage a soundtrack that unleashes my feelings while making me feel powerful again!

The song “Swallowed by Dust” is about the victims of war – people who were disposed of without any thought…and years later, their remains found under feet of dirt, not knowing who they were or how they died. – Dave Suzuki This is a song that was kicking around for about 2 years. We started writing it right after the release of “None Shall Live… The Hymns of Misery”. It’s gone through a bunch of changes over time. We would put it on the back burner – would come back, revisit it, write another song, come back, etc… It wasn’t until after the start of the pandemic that Dave and I sat down, dissected what we had, took ideas that Timmy had and came up with what is now on the album. We really believed this song was something special.

– Ray McCaffrey
Video by Chariot of Black Moth
Album artwork by Nestor Avalos
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