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Experience The HardGaze of FLESHWATER’s ‘We’re Not Here To Be Loved’ LP

Life is fucking AWESOME and the new album from FLESHWATER entitled We’re Not Here To Be Loved is just as AWESOME! Unholy hell, every song on this record is the JAM! This band has totally found a way to look to the past but at the same time push their sound into the future! On paper, it might sound impossible to blend Shoegaze-Hardcore-Grunge-Alternative Rock and Dream Pop into a cohesive sound. All that being said, FLESHWATER has done that and more seamlessly.

How do these songs make me feel? They make me feel like none of my negative self-thoughts will ever have the power to do me in! On songs like “Linda Claire,” they kick it off with a sublime groove that gives me total eargasm. Real talk there is not one weak vocal moment on “We’re Not Here To Be Loved.” Once y’all tap into their song “Enjoy” you will realize that FLESHWATER could perform at any Hardcore Fest and fucking kill it! I love the balance of the soaring vocals and powerful music that is laid down throughout this record! In the words of MLK, I have a dream to one day see FLESHWATER live — I’m sure it’s amazing to experience. If my wife wanted to buy me this album for an XMAS gift I would not be mad! I want to say thank you to the band for creating a timeless record that will be with me for a long time to come! We’re Not Here To Be Loved is out now on Closed Casket Activities!

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Sentient 51423

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