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CVLT Nation Streaming:
KEEPER’s “The Space Between Your Teeth”

I’m pretty sure it’s evident by now that CVLT Nation’s knows that KEEPER is one of the illest young band doing it right now! With each release, these  warlords of the downtuned summon new riffs from the pits of Hell. Now they are set to put out their first EP entitled The Space Between Your Teeth via Crown and Throne Ltd. If you loved their demo or their split with Sea Bastard the way we did, then this record will not let you down at all!  KEEPER know how to balance the decay of sonic death with the blinding light of morbid hope. Both of the songs you will encounter on The Space Between Your Teeth are mega portals that will have the tones that this band creates injecting your braincells with the power to decode your nightmares! CVLT Nation is fucking SUPER STOKED to be streaming KEEPER’s The Space Between Your Teeth in full below…Make sure to pre-order this stellar piece of vinyl from Crown and Throne Ltd HERE!…Stay tuned for a full in depth review of this EP, plus some special surprises we have in the works with KEEPER!



Written By

Sentient 51423

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