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Witness DOOM over London! Massive BODY VOID & BISMUTH Footage!

Photo of Bismuth by @worlddownfallphotography

So what happens when BODY VOID, BISMUTH and KW of Vile Creature perform together in London? They shake this island to its core with their immense riffs aimed at all of the wrongs of colonization! Both of these bands not only create some of the sickest music today, but they actually stand for something, and for that we really salute them. These sets were captured by the always on point Riff Underground – we have mad respect for what he does behind the lens. We are also streaming the new Body Void // Keeper split below, so make sure to get with the program!

BISMUTH ft. KW of Vile Creature 

Body Void / Keeper Split

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Riff Underground

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