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Enter the Mournful Sonic Universe of IT IS DEAD “A Place of Darkness”

Low Slow Painful Bleak Crushing and the words that come to mind as I listen to the tape from IT IS DEAD called A Place of Darkness out now on Auris Apothecary. I find myself engulfed by sounds that this project puts out because the sonic sense of despair is totally suffocating! The Sludge Drone sounds you will encounter on this release are fucking immense, and full of agonizing dirge that in its own way is totally fucking captivating. IT IS DEAD audio valleys of putrid monolithic dirge are uplifting to me in a bizarre sort of way. I love the space that this has because it gives my mind space to wonder. Don’t even get me started on the vocals because they are the scathing fucking BOMB! I know that the world can be a fucked up place but I find solace in music like IT IS DEAD’s A Place of Darkness. It is true: out of the darkness comes light, and out of Sludge comes my happiness!

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