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80s Hardcore

Destroy State Control! Blast PERSONAL DAMAGE “Ambush” + Demo + Full Set

If you don’t know, now you know that LA’s 1753 Punk Noise is one of my favorite Punk labels on the planet! They have struck punk gold again with the band PERSONAL DAMAGE. Real Talk, I can totally feel and hear how they were influenced by SoCal 80’s Hardcore, but at the same time bring something new to the game! All of their tunes are fucking anthems. PERSONAL DAMAGE talks their shit against the system while kicking out the jams! This band proves that punk will never DIE because it just gets angrier! When I hear songs like “Shits Fucked or Personal Damage” off of their demo, I can’t help but get hyped from their in-your-face Punk bounce. Blasting PERSONAL DAMAGE takes me back to my past while giving me a dose of modern reality!

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Sentient 51423

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