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Fxck The Dumb Shxt! Listen to TORENA “Evil Eyez”

I can’t front and I won’t front — Torena Evil Eyez out NOW on DAZE is a FUCKING BANGER!!! Every tune is a straight HC anthem and will have you saying, damn, this record is gnarly AF! The drum intro on “Stand Your Ground” is so fucking RAD, and then the song kicks in. Blast their song “I’m Still Here” so that y’all can experience how fucking awesome this band truly is. This band has something to say and they express themselves to the fullest. Torena creates music for a community they believe in, and it comes through loud and fucking clear on every moment of Evil Eyez. They will be touring really soon and from what I can see they set it off live. I have been listening to bands from Oxnard for the past 40 years and Torena keeps the fire blazing! If you don’t know, now y’all know that Evil Eyez is a HUGE sonic can of HC All Out RAGE!

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Sentient 51423

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