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Are You Ready to Die For What You Believe in? NÜ GØDD “FIGHT ME” + Tour Dates


In 2022, Wacko was dismembered and buried in unmarked graves throughout SoCal, only to be dug up and pieced back into the immortal hardcore punk deity now known as NÜ GØDD. If you were worried that in their new incarnation, they’d lose their illegal expertise and fanatic wildness, don’t be. They just released their first single “FIGHT ME” off their upcoming 4TH DYNASTY EP, named for the 4th incarnation of the band, and it’s everything you want from this rad group of unhinged punks and more. They’re hitting the road this weekend to celebrate their nüness so if you’re a concerned citizen of any of the West Coast cities listed below make sure you turn up to show your adoration for NÜ GØDD. They’re also coming out with a documentary soon, so check out the trailer for that below, set to the soundtrack of their first single “FIGHT ME”!

Are you ready to die for what you believe in? Cause it might just happen tonight😤The old world is dead, the future is here. Nü year, nü members, nü album, nü haircut, guess it’s time for a nü name. Plus Luc (original bass player) left the band on his own good terms but after that we felt like changing the original name wacko to something else was necessary, and we chose the name NÜ GØDD.

There’s a documentary being filmed about us by someone who wishes to only be referred to as “Halfman-Halfcamera” for now. It follows the chaotic story of every dynasty of the band up until the current 4th dynasty. So far the footage he has gathered includes: twacked out neighbor throwing a boulder thru our window, dick tattoos, stripper pole bloopers, piss rituals, Molotov cocktails, police activity, chaos philosophy, and more. Halfman-halfcamera plans to follow us on our upcoming 15-person spring break tour/circus to document our tour challenges and chaos magick.
Peace and love and pick up a brick and throw it ✌🏾💙🫴🏾🧨

Photo: @dancefloormurder

4/8 – Los Angeles, CA (1st Street Billiards)
4/9 – San Louis Obispo (Dark Nectar)
4/10 – Oakland, CA (Stay Gold Deli)
4/11 – Arcata, CA (The Goat)
4/12 – Portland, OR (Honey Latte Cafe)
4/13 – Olympia, WA (The Mortuary)
4/14 – Portland, OR (generator show location tba)
4/15 – Sacramento, CA (Colonial Cafe)
4/16 – Oakland, CA (Tamarack)
4/17 – San Jose, CA (Orifice)


(locations and venues TBA)

(Dates w/ Fusion Babies)
June 15th – July 10th

(Dates without Fusion Babies)
August 5th – September 3rd

Written By

Meghan MacRae grew up in Vancouver, Canada, but spent many years living in the remote woods. Living in the shadow of grizzly bears, cougars and the other predators of the wilderness taught her about the dark side of nature, and taught her to accept her place in nature's order as their prey. She is co-founder of CVLT Nation.

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