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Witness the video of the year: WACKO’s “WHY?!”

Straight up, this new WACKO video for their song “WHY?!” is the video of the year —REAL TALK! This visual makes me proud to be from LA on an underground tip, not from a living in Beverly Hills tip. It’s hard to put into words the different worlds that exist in this one city. If you believe the hype, you might think that all the people living in the rich hoods in LA have it good. In actuality, they are fucking devoid of culture and life itself. If you really want to know the real LA, you have to go to the places that might not have all of the money, but they got all of the culture (plus the best food). Now back to WACKO — this band is creating music from a place that won’t be understood 100 years from now! This is coming from my mushroom microdosing brain — imagine if DESPISE YOU decided to see the world through the eyes of TWISTED ROOTS (do your research), they might see the world as WACKO does. I feel so fucking honored to share with you the video of the year, “WHY?!”.

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