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Damn I Dig This Band! CVLT Nation Streaming: Polypsis s/t Tape

So how do you like your pop music? I like mine dipped in an unhealthy dose of weirdness, with a huge side of subversiveness. Basically, I want the sweet hooks of pop, but I also want it to have some ugly about the way it goes down. Right now I’m listening to the kind of pop that I can not get enough of and the band goes by the name of Polypsis! They are releasing a killer tape on the always on point Crippled Sounds Records at the end of this year. CVLT Nation is way stoked to be able to stream Polypsis soon to be released tape below!

Straying away from previous output, Polypsis seeks to mesh two polar yet similar styles of music: the abrasive and comforting washes of noise over seemingly simple pop hooks and flavors. Bubblegum pop for the new age. This isn’t noise, nor is it pop. It’s somewhere located between the two poles, and within those poles comes concentrated ambiguity. Polypsis is Madonna for fans of Masonna. Black tapes housed in an oversized white vinyl case. Limited to 50 copies.


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Sentient 51423

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