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Death Metal



From the moment you press play on Final Man, this band will drag your eardrums down into a HUGE pit of filth and choke you with riffs covered in uncut sickness!!! Something about the way they play their brand of Death Metal, you can almost hear a punk vibe in it. CONTAMINATED is the shit – and I say this without apology!




NINE – UTTERWOMB Necrocentrism – The Necrocentrist

Unholy triple six fuck – this band is pure filth and I love it!!!



EIGHT  – VENENUM Trance Of Death

Every year there is an album that kind of comes out of left field and grabs people by the balls, and I’m going to go ahead and say right now that Trance of Death is going to be it. Those who already know Venenum know that they put out a pretty fantastic EP back in 2011, but I’d venture to guess there aren’t too many who do know this, and that those same folks will be pleasantly surprised once they hear a taste of their long awaited full length effort. What will be interesting to see is how those familiar with the bands self-titled EP respond to the evolution that’s taken place over the last six years, as Trance of Death certainly brings more to the table in terms of stylistic choices and overall sound.

That said, I think you’d be crazy not to dig what Venenum have put together here. While these guys displayed tons of Death Metal charisma and talent on their debut EP, they’ve taken their formula and spruced it up quite a bit with an underlying prog influence throughout Trance of Death that further expands the scope of said talent, giving their songs yet more layers of complexity and depth and a greater feeling of atmosphere as well. The intro track, “Entrance,” reels you in with eerie strings and keys that, while calm in nature, display a great sense of foreboding of what’s to come over the course of the next 48 minutes.

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SEVEN – TRIUMVIR FOUL Spiritual Bloodshed

Triumvir Foul’s Spiritual Bloodshed seems to hint at a soundtrack for civilization’s imminent end.  Whether that be a result of a natural calamity or a result of some catastrophic feat of violence, Triumvir Foul sends shockwaves throughout the foundation of society as we know it.  The pillars are tumbling down, the roof is caving in, fires are raging, and the turn of mankind’s dominance as a species is at a gruelling finish.

The music here is violent, sometimes blasting, slowing down, the guitars being but one precursor to the wall of sound.  The intro has a noise sample, and the seemingly layered guitar riffs provide counterplay that isn’t immediately discernible at first listen.  Clearly, the vocal roars hint at some otherworldly peril for mankind even as the lead guitar wails to Armageddon and back again.

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SIX – ACEPHALIX Decreation

The record kicks some real Death Metal ass. Acephalix is back in town!

Read our rad interview with them HERE!


FIVE – NECROT Blood Offerings

This band had one of the sickest years in death metal, plus they released an unreal record that has been on repeat in our HQ! All hail Necrot!!!



Harvest Gulgaltha‘s slow and rotten blackened death-doom is both punk as fuck as majestic as hell, mesmerizing in its simplicity but at the same time towering in its commanding dominance and undisputed majesty. Ever since encountering their I demo back in 2012, I was blown away. I was fascinated by the band’s hallucinated and disfiguring take – in my eyes at least – on the music of Amebix, and of the filthiest crust punk as whole. I got fixated on the way this band was capable of disfiguring the genre entirely and subjugating it to the most ravenous forces of hell, blending it with the most death-ridden black and death/doom metal; defacing it, yet keeping it alive and enhancing its most iconic traits through an otherworldly blood-pact with the dark forces of the underworld. Keep in mind, however, that Amebix  (like Bathory, Hellhammer, Celtic Frost etc), are only a starting point for Harvest Gulgaltha – what comes as a whole, as the music slowly progresses, rotting your mind and ravaging your senses, is a slow and putrid descent into lightless fucking torment. Their music is like a slow, mortiferous, and cavernous howl rupturing from the bowels of hell. It sounds like a rumble yielded by the digging of one billion worms as they tunnel through the soil of the underworld, materializing a maze of hell-spawned horror. Read review in full Here...


[youtube id=”xcQa8xUJh3o”]



THREE – IMPETUOUS RITUAL Blight Upon Martyred Sentience



TWO – UNDERGANG  Misantropologi

Straight up, one of the sickest, most vile Death Metal records of 2017 has to be UNDERGANG’s Misantropologi.


ONE – ALTARAGE Endinghent 

The world is a fucked up place right now, and we all know it! Which is why I need bands like ALTARAGE in my life as a soundtrack for all of the fucked up shit I see around me. There LP Endinghent is a storm of feral rage that will suffocate you with each listen. When I hear this band, I always say to myself – how do they create such an unreal sound? On the real, I can’t get enough of their new record because it’s that freaking SICK!!!




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