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Death Metal

Hear the Furious Death Metal Cyclone that is the ALTARAGE Cataract EP

I’ve never lived in a place where tornados hit, but I imagine that ALTARAGE could be the soundtrack to the fury, fear, and devastation they wreak. This band takes death metal far beyond what the genre ever imagined, into a universe of relentless chaos and scathing pain! Today we’re stoked to be sharing their new Cataract EP 12″ EP, which contains one song off their upcoming 2023 album plus two rarities — get it here. Listening to these three songs is the most delicious form of aural punishment; it’s like death winds whipping into my eardrums to decimate my brain and leave me a hollowed-out metal zombie! ALTARAGE’s new record will be out on Doomentia Records later this year, but for now, enjoy this full stream of their 3-song EP as a deathly teaser…

altarage cataract
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