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CVLT Nation’s
Top 6 New Bands
You Should Hear Today!

 1. Sesso Violento: Mindfucker

One of my favorite underground sonic warlords, Sesso Violento, has released a new tape and it’s it the motherfucking kind of smash-in-the-grill punk I LOVE! He has flipped the script with this one for sure – gone is the putrid, lo-fi, black punk of the past. Now Sesso Violento is banging heads with snarling punk with a dirty groove that I can’t get enough of. I’m always amazed by how one person can put out such complete-sounding tunes. This tape is full of fucking filthy melodic windows for all of us to look through, and you might just see other Sesso Violento addicts roaming the streets of your nightmares…you can buy the tape HERE!


2. Veil And Lamentation: Demo I

The Summer Isle label is one of the new tape labels that I can’t get enough of! Their new release by Veil And Lamentation is a black cloud of misery that I never want to end. Every song on their demo slices away at your skin so that your ugly emotions will see the sunlight! Veil And Lamentation brings the punk to their black metal party, which is something I never get mad about…It should be noted that Summer Isle pays attention to the packaging of their tapes…Contact them ASAP about when the Veil And Lamentation release will be up for sale…Stay tuned for a full review!


3. PERMANENCE: Ultrasilence

Right now I’m in the mood to dance to the beat of subversive synthpop. So I’ve got to blast the new PERMANENCE tape Ultrasilence. I will say this: once you hear “Nihilist’s Want Love” you will say to yourself, damn, PERMANENCE is the BOMB! I love the warm, frozen honesty that this band puts into their tunes. This band has the power to let you know that even though today might suck, tomorrow will be better. PERMANENCE’s new tape is out now via Plush Organics…Excuse me as I get back to dancing on my couch to the beat of subversive synthpop…Be quiet so we can hear the sound of Ultrasilence.



Over the course of 2 hours, Australia’s AFTERWALKER proves once again he is one of my favorite young black metal artists doing it right now. What has always drawn me to his work is the vast emotion that he paints on every track. The ebbs and flows you will encounter while listening to AFTERWALKER work perfectly together. The songs are so long that I find it easy to lose myself, while the riffs become portals into a place where my mind has no limits! I do have a dream, and that is that someone would release the new AFTERWALKER on tape or vinyl. Anyway, press play below and I’m sure if you have not heard of this band, you will become a fan!



Ugly – Primitive – Loud – Blown Out – Distorted – Screaming Feedback and all out war on your eardrums is what you will hear while blasting the new RADIATION 7 inch. These Florida noise makers’ music is an audio sledgehammer that I don’t want to stop pounding on my head…RADIATION create the kind of chaotic soundwaves that I want to surf away on into the d-beat afterlife!…This band more than slays they destroy!…RELEASED BY DRUGGED CONSCIENCE / R.C.P. TAPES 2014


 6. FOGG: Death

After I inhale my sweet mary jane, all I want to do is listen to some jams that are going to take my stress away. FOGG is one of those bands, and their 2013 debut Death is a perfect heavy-psych-doom record. These young Texas space cadets know how to kick out the jams for sure! If you dig whacked-out, drug-induced riffs and otherworldly basslines, well then this band is for you. Listening to FOGG is like watching Alice In Wonderland high on four tabs of LSD…This is the kind of death that keeps me alive!


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