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For Punks that like to FUCK!
Blast SESSO VIOLENTOs “Mondo Perverso” NOW

Sesso Violento has been one of our go-to bands since we started our site 10 years ago! Every record might be different but always wrecking shop remains a constant! They are back with a sick new tape Mondo Perverso. I can’t you why but I get a Cramps on meth meets a blown-out Discharge on downers while listening to this project! Sesso Violento creates filthy sex music for punks that like to fuck! Speaking for myself, I love sex, so maybe that’s why I love Sesso Violento’s new tape! Get with the program, Get Sleazy, and listen to Mondo Perverso LOUD!

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Relapse DF 92123
Sentient 51423

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