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CVLT Nation’s Top 5 New DOOM/SLUDGE Bands You Should Hear Today!

1. ESCLAVO: Enslaved

Esclavo‘s Enslaved tape was released in 2012 by Murder/Suicide Incidents, and it’s a fucking classic!!! I have only heard two songs and I can not get enough. When I hear this band, it makes me want to drop out of society and become an insect that could live inside of their bass cabinet. Esclavo’s songs are bleak, with no sunlight shining on their blackened riffs. Which is why I feel like I must find a way to pick up the whole tape, so I can hear more from this insanely good band. I really hope that more people find out about this band, because they fucking deserve it! ESCLAVO FUCKING RULES HARD!!!


2. SQUALORDS: Youthless Demo

I’m being choked out by feedback! I’m being suffocated by putrid riffage! My skull is caving from the by never ending dirge! I’m getting a huge dose of unhygienic basslines pumped into my veins by the new SQUALORDS demo. This young fucking crew of monolithic warlocks have created one of the sickest demos of 2014. Every song on this soon to be released tape will leave a bad taste in your mouth that you won’t want to wash out! SQUALORDS create the kind of highly depressing doom that will have your speakers trembling in fear…I want to hear more hate-filled, downtuned music from these young masters of all things HEAVY!


3. WEIRDING: Mountain & Wheel

After blasting the two new WEIRDING songs, I now know what DOOM created by a mountain would sound like! Both of these tunes have a thick moat of slow-moving ooze around them! This band is one of Vancouver’s sickest creators of THC-laden grooves. It’s that despair mixed with just a little bit of hope that has me coming back to these songs and saying, damn, WEIRDING kicks ass! Are you ready to get slapped on the back of the head by a young band that are out to make music that will get you higher than you already are? WEIRDING should be heard by a global audience of stoners, so pack a bowl, take a hit and pass off some WEIRDING to your homie…Stay tuned – they have plans to release a 10 inch in March!


4. TEETH: Unremittance

Fuck being normal!!! This is why I have put TEETH on a doom list, because they are not doom in the normal sense of the word. This band is doom and sludge, but on their own terms! This is why their new collection of songs, Unremittance, deserve all the light that they get. To put this band’s music into one box would be sort of an injustice, but fuck it, I’m going to do it anyway – I have good feeling that doom heads listening to them can get with TEETH. The word on the street is that Unremittance will get a physical release, and I can’t wait. TEETH is heavy music for heavy minded people, so get with the program! It’s time to allow your ears to dine on something new, because there is nothing cliche about TEETH, which is why we dig them so much at CVLT Nation!



CRUMBLING MIRTH has been on my radar for a while, and their Don’t Try tape is a looking glass into the dark side of the human condition. These San Antonio sludge makers conjure up tunes that will have you saying, damn, I love hearing new bands. I know for a fact that after you press play, CRUMBLING MIRTH’s sound will cause you to press play again and again. We all know that we live in a fucked up world, and groups like CRUMBLING MIRTH just reenforce how fucked up it really is! Again, the physical release will be handled by Murder/Suicide Incidents, so stay tuned!


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Relapse DF 92123
Sentient 51423

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