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Death Metal

CVLT Nation Premiere: Streaming

What if my hands became instruments of mass hate and I had the power to crush all of my haters with one touch? What if riffs were able to shapeshift into unholy beasts that could decapitate all of my foes? These are the thoughts that are racing around my head as I blast the soon to be released album from VORTEX OF END entitled FVLGVR.LVX.TERROR. This piece of all-out audio warfare will hit the streets on Aug. 20th via Deadlight Entertainment. Right here and now, CVLT Nation is streaming VORTEX OF END’s FVLGVR.LVX.TERROR below…I hope all of my haters die a slow death, and the last thing to pierce their eardrums is VORTEX OF END!!!


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Death Metal

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