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CVLT Nation Premiere: Streaming
CULT OF OCCULT’s Five Degrees Of Insanity

One of the heaviest records that is going to come out this year is CULT OF OCCULT’s Five Degrees Of Insanity, which is being released by Vendetta, Deadlight Entertainment, and Breath Plastic Records. If you are an avid CVLT Nation reader, then you know that we really fucking represent hard for this band because they deserve it! Get ready to be doomed – we are streaming CULT OF OCCULT’s Five Degrees Of Insanity in full below…Read our in-depth review of this mammoth album HERE!

Overflowing into each other are songs that have no remorse or sign of easing up on their beatings. Echoing, vibrating, feedbacking rests with medically psychotic instrumental colossuses, combined with relentless hammering of vocal overlaying terror, makes the perfect evil mood for a band that has a name like Cult Of Occult. Everything is executed extremely well in a very fine sense of the word “extreme.” Mind-boggling screeches and howls of agony and horror make this bludgeoning exhilaratingly painful. Fast pitches and curls of buzz, accompanying swells of drone and breakdowns that could cause TNT to go off create an atmosphere of danger and anxiety.  Lacuna CVLT Nation




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Relapse DF 92123
Sentient 51423

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