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Hey Terry, what’s happening man? Let’s start this interview in the past and then work our way to the present…What impact did the 80’s hardcore scene have on your life and how did it impact GRIEF’s (Come to Grief)music?

I came along slightly later than that – I’m more influenced by the Thrash Metal and Crossover scene of 1986-87 onwards, although I do love the original hardcore bands of 1980-1986. It all impacted me quite a bit and influenced my work not only in Grief, but in other bands as well.


Did the older Black Flag stuff make it ok for you to go back your old Sabbath records? Did you ever have the chance to see Black Flag live?

I love Black Flag, but it was another SST artist, Saint Vitus, who really made it clear to me that this kind of music was not only what I wanted to play, but they gave me the courage and the balls to do it in the first place. I never gave up on my old Black Sabbath and Deep Purple records no way!! I’ve listened to old rock/metal my whole life, and no, I never saw Black Flag live.


What emotional state motivated you to form GRIEF?

Severe loneliness, anxiety and depression.


Do you think that the world may be a more fucked up place than when you first started the band? The despair of the human condition keeps your music relevant – do you agree with this statement, and care to expand on it?

Totally agree with it, just gets worse every day. All I can say is do what you love, love who you’re with. It’s 10 times worse than 20 years ago. What kind of future do your children have?? I’m sorry, but I have a very bleak outlook on mankind. Why do you think I play this music?


Could you take the reader into your creative process?

Riffs are really something. They appear out of nowhere. If you are a musician, particularly a metal guitarist, you know what I mean…an idea can pop up anywhere, when you first wake up, middle of the day, driving, etc. I try to hum it out and then write it down in tab form. I present it to the other guys and if it works, it becomes the basis for a song and the process starts there.


What inspired you to get COME TO GRIEF together and what are you looking forward to on this upcoming  tour?

A lot of things in life inspired me to do it. I spent a little time in the hospital a few years back and Grief’s music helped me get through it. It’s total therapy. My own music got me through a very tough time. As far as the tour goes, wow, I can’t wait! Playing places I’ve never been, playing with some good bands. We’ve been working really hard, we deserve it.


Does anyone in the band enjoy THC edibles over smoking the devil’s weed, and if so why?

Haha, funny you should mention that…let’s just say there’s been lots of tasty things floating around lately.


Terry – could you leave us with an outrageous tour story from the 90’s?

Oh man, there are hundreds…the time in Florida with the AK-47 and the swords – the photo on the inside of the Grief/Corrupted split is from that night…then we almost got busted driving out of there. When Disrupt toured Europe, every night there was something fuckin’ crazy going on.


Thanks for answering our questions! Look forward seeing you live soon!

Thank you very much for the interview!! Appreciate this very much Sean!!


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