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Plug Yourself into the Nihilistic Reality of COME TO GRIEF “When The World Dies”

I love listening to music that reflects the way I feel! Right about now, I feel mentally and physically sick with the state of our fucked up world/reality! Honestly, I feel numb inside while at the same time feeling anxiety wondering if the world as we know it will end because of nuclear war! Come To Grief’s new album When The World Dies is the grief-stricken soundtrack to my state of mind! They have manifested one of the gnarliest sludge records of 2022, straight up! These down-tuned humans have their fingers on the pulse of our horrific state of humanity! Each sick-ridden riff is suffocating my negative thoughts. So, in a fucked up way, I’m finding songs like “Scum Like You” to be inspirational!

Today I’m super stoked to share with y’all Come To Grief’s self-titled track “When The World Dies” in full below. I want to give a huge shout to Translation Loss Records for releasing kick-ass record on May 20th. Make sure to catch Come To Grief on their upcoming tour with Eyehategod!

“This is the soundtrack to the dismantling of humanity.”
“When the World Dies is the culmination of a lifetime of pain, confusion and uncertainty put forth to jagged riffs and anguished screams. It’s bleaker than bleak.”

May 4 – Brooklyn, NY – Saint Vitus Bar
May 5 – Brooklyn, NY – Saint Vitus Bar
May 6 – Wallingford, CT – Cherry Street Station
May 7 – Portland, Maine – Geno’s Rock Club
May 8 – Providence, RI – Alchemy
May 9 – Brattleboro, VT – The Stone Church
May 10 – Philadelphia, PA – Underground Arts
May 11 – Mechanicsburg, PA – Lovedraft’s Brewing Co.
May 13 – Detroit, MI – Sanctuary Detroit

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Sentient 51423

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