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CVLT Nation Captures WEEDEATER

Weedeater is on a massive tour, complete with a roster of amazing musicians joining them – Lord Dying, Today is the Day and Author & Punisher. No brainer right???

Anyway, here’s a review of the show.

Local doom/sludge/noise/band BOG opened up and really fucked shit up. They were loud and rowdy and kind of have a Neurosis-ish vibe. They were really cool, and really loud. They’re heavy and hateful and seem like they leave a trail of destruction wherever they go. Go check out BOG.




I thought Lord Dying had a bass player, but it is in fact only two guitar players and a drummer (really amazing that they can make that much noise.) They play extreme stoner/sludge and the vocals remind me vaguely of Matt Pike in High On Fire. The type of metal that you can’t help but want to bob your head to. Shoutout to the drummer, because that dude is really, really good at drumming. Overall, Lord Dying is piercing mid-range, bright-sounding anger channelled through three people. Totally awesome.




Today Is The Day only recently caught my attention. Their blackened grindcore ripped through the air like a bullet. Walls of feedback and wailing guitar complemented by guttural screams and abrasive tempo and style changes. It’s pissed off, hurt-you-hurt-everyone-around-you type music. It’s demented and tortured, a proverbial, angry, sonic kick in the crotch.




Author & Punisher may seem out of place on a bill with all these bands, but in my opinion the dark, industrial, whatever you wanna call it type music/noise really added an awesome dynamic to the bill. Author & Punisher rules, the one dude has this crazy set up with a midi arm drum machine thing and a lever for pitch shifting and a keyboard and a weird looking microphone. It’s more like a performance art piece. I would liken it to listening to the crushing sounds of a man-made apocalypse. The sound filled every corner of the room, and there was no sound other than the crushing ambience. It was unlike anything I had ever seen. When the set ended it took a second for everyone to realize it was over and everyone lost their shit.




Weedeater was everything I wanted and more! It was awesome. Dixie Dave has a lot of energy. He also has a sick bass rig (two sunn cabs and 2 sunn amp slave heads). When the roadies set that up, I knew it was gonna be loud. The stage setup put emphasis on the fact that this band is a very much a trio. The guitar on the left, drums in the exact front and center of the stage and Dixie Dave on the right (stage left). Also, their drummer has got major style! He’s the king of swirling sticks and all that shit; it was artful drumming to the max. The rest of the bands had nothing on the sheer volume of Weedeater. The band ripped through a bunch of songs with minimal breaks in between, only to refuel on Jim Beam. It was a good old fashioned set of hateful weed metal. Loud, fuzzy and fucked up. The band walked off the stage and then they came back out after the audience demanded (and got) their encore, which was their awesome cover of “Gimme back my bullets” by the mighty Skynyrd.

Don’t miss out, go see Weedeater.













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