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Sect, with Putrid Brew and WTCHDR – November 26th, 2017

333, Vancouver, BC

Unfortunately, I was catastrophically hungover and missed opener Drown In Ashes, but thankfully WTCHDR were on hand to deliver a blistering set that had me feeling like I’d rejoined the ranks of the living. For a band that makes a serious point of not taking themselves too seriously in terms of adhering to any specific genre-related norms, their performances are consistently tight as fuck. Definitely one local band you can’t help but have a good time watching. Eagerly awaiting the release of the new record!




I thought I was way too hungover to appreciate straight-edge hardcore, but Putrid Brew just went ahead and proved me wrong. How have I not caught these guys before? I can’t call this anything other than an incredibly positive first impression.


Putrid Brew


How to introduce Sect? If you’re on this page, have looked at the photos and read this far, you probably don’t need me to tell you that this band consists of luminaries of an impressive list of incredibly influential acts in heavy music, and the drummer from Fall Out Boy. Sorry, couldn’t resist. Andy Hurley is actually phenomenal behind the kit, and his involvement in this outfit really allows the man to display his chops. Shit, if it makes just one Fall Out Boy fan discover the realm of music that exists beyond the world of radio-friendly pop sensibilities, I’m in favour. As for the rest of the guys, all I can say is that if you listened to aggressive music at any point in the last 20 years, you probably listened to one of the bands these guys have played in. To me, it kind of feels like things have come full circle, and Sect are still collectively perpetuating the passion and fire that made hardcore relevant to me in the first place. That and the fact that Chris Colohan is hands down one of the best frontmen in the history of hardcore. Please come back soon.














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