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Watch & Celebrate the New Blissed Out DA/ZE visual “Mellow” With Us

It’s a grey day today, but my heart is full of raw uncut sunshine because I’m celebrating the new DA/ZE and GLIA split that is out now on Bummer Recordings and Candlepin Records. I feel blessed for the fact that the universe turned me on to both of these insanely amazing bands this year! These two Texas ShoeGaze // BlissGaze giants have come together to manifest two majestic tunes that are streaming below. Right now I want y’all to focus on the new DA/ZE visual “Mellow” and you can see for yourself why we champion this band! I want to send a message to both bands: thank you for creating music that makes my heart shine in pure BLISS!

Artwork: Jason Gloom

CVLT Nation Vibing out to DA/ZE

The sun is out and my heart is filled with inner joy! I’m also in pure BLISS as I listen to DA/ZE discography. This Texas Etheral Rock/BlissGaze band can do no wrong in my book. Honestly, I don’t why they are not an underground household name because they are beyond AWESOME! On their 2020 album Still Sleeping? they showcase extremely stellar songwriting. The vocal DUO that exists within this project is perfect and keeps me enchanted through the whole album. One thing that comes through in all of their tunes is the creative confidence and passion that each member have for their art form. Imagine if Liz Fraser of the Cocteau Twins decided to do a collabo album with MBV — the outcome would sound something like Still Sleeping?.

CVLT Nation Vibing out to GLIA

It doesn’t happen all of the time but sometimes a record // band makes me SO FUCKING HAPPY! Case in point, the new album Happens All The Time by GLIA makes me so happy that I have a huge smile on my face as I write this and the music is so good my heart is smiling! This band has created the soundtrack to my summer and beyond! Unholy hell yes, their songs are Shoegaze anthems that must be heard by all because they are that freaking good. All of their tunes have the perfect balance of blown-out fuzz mixed with sundrenched riffs! GLIA’s song “Turn” is an audio magic carpet ride that I wish lasted beyond forever! Everything about this tune is fucking PERFECT and I love how it almost has an R&B vibe. I love the last song on the tape “Moonflower” because it puts me into a mindstate of raw uncut BLISS. 

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