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My Love Letter to the Unreal Shoegaze Band LACING: Farewell and Rest Easy In Feedback!

This is my farewell letter to the unreal Shoegaze band Lacing, who after 7 years are no more! That being said, we have their extensive catalog to enjoy for years to come. I want the band to know that their music has touched many people and their songs are RAD AF! They were ahead of the curve when it came to the resurgence of this genre. Lacing’s songs are a perfect example of how this band harnessed Sonic Sugar Clouds with Moonlight-Drenched feedback. Personally, Without is a record that I play at least once a week and it always sounds refreshing. As I listen to Lacing, I’m always amazed that more people do not know about this band. Real talk, this band didn’t do it for the fame, they did it for the love of the craft! Recent songs like “Windswept” serenade my dreams only to reveal the hidden power within them. Lacing’s 2022 album Never is out now on Bummer Recordings and every song is a straight W. I really hope that band reads this so that they know they will always have a fan in us at CVLT Nation! The band is no more, but their music will live for Iver and Iver!



LACING’s Without

I am pretty sure that we all can agree that the world is a heavy place to live right about now. For me, music plays a very important role in keeping my mind right. Sometimes I need blissful, sad music to make me feel whole again, which is why I love the new album from the Shoegaze band LACING so much. My thoughts are allowed to float away on the feedback on every track. 




LACING’s Honey Glow

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