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The Raddest ShoeGaze // BlissGaze  Album You Have Never Heard: DA/ZE’s ‘Still Sleeping?’

The sun is out and my heart is filled with inner joy! I’m also in pure BLISS as I listen to DA/ZE discography. This Texas Etheral Rock/BlissGaze band can do no wrong in my book. Honestly, I don’t why they are not an underground household name because they are beyond AWESOME! On their 2020 album Still Sleeping? they showcase extremely stellar songwriting. The vocal DUO that exists within this project is perfect and keeps me enchanted through the whole album. One thing that comes through in all of their tunes is the creative confidence and passion that each member have for their art form. Imagine if Liz Fraser of the Cocteau Twins decided to do a collabo album with MBV — the outcome would sound something like Still Sleeping?. DA/ZE totally shows and proves on the song “Aries // Pisces” both energies are evident on this anthem. I respect how this band has looked at the past but is taking us into the future of BlissGaze/ShoeGaze. “Guilty” is the last song on Still Sleeping? PURE SONIC PERFECTION. I can’t front listening to this band is such an uplifting and blissful experience I had to play the record more than once. I’m sure DA/ZE is going to get their just due, because they are that fucking AWESOME!

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