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Bliss OUT & Smile BIG! 5 New Bands That Will Expand Your MIND!

I’m 4 days away from turning 55, and damn, it feels good to be alive! Thinking about the music I was into during the late ’80s and ’90s is what makes me happy today! I can’t front, I was a major Hip Hop and Dancehall head, but I also loved me some Madchester and some off the hook Acid House. I loved getting my dance moves on to the sounds of Stone Roses’s “Fools Gold” or Maurice’s “This Is Acid.” My crew and I had the groove in our hearts and we loved expressing ourselves on the dance floor. It was rad going to the magazine stores and peeping new issues of I.D., NME, or Melody Maker to see how the Hacienda was changing the game in the UK. I am happy to be alive to see the smiley face vibes coming back hard right now! Today I want to turn y’all on to 5 new Dream Pop / Acid House / Madchester / Indie bands that are making me SMILE big time and I’m sure they will make you smile as well. It’s 2024, but sonically, so many creatives are looking to the past while pointing us to the future!

❀ Foliage ❀

Yo FOLIAGE — happy belated birthday homie! WTF, you create some of the raddest Dream Pop out right now! Your voice is magical and beautiful, and as I blast your tune “Where in the Earth,” I can’t help but yearn for a FOLIAGE album. On tunes like “What?” the sugar-laced vocals soar and make me smile. FOLIAGE, I want you to know that your time is going to come because you’ a’re super talented, plus you’re an Aries and we can’t lose!

American Culture

American Culture’s Hey Brother, It’s Been a While that comes out on May 3rd via Convulse Records is so awesome!!! While listening to this record I began to think about the 1st time I heard Primal Sream’s Vanishing Point and how it made me feel. Imagine if Mark E. Smith decided to create a Madchester project through the lens of early Beck the outcome might sound like “Hey Brother, It’s Been a While” . Every song on this record sounds different they all created with the passion that only American Culture has (This is a brief overview of a sensational record )! “Let It Go (feat. Midwife)” is a straight banger and very fucking addictive plus the video is RAD!


Aluminum’s new album Fully Beat that comes out May 24th via Felte Records is the BOMB!!! Real talk, their lead off single “Behind the Mouth” is one of my favorite songs of the year. The track is off the chain and vocal delievery is fucking spot on! Trust me when I say you will not be able to put this band into a box, which is why I love them and I’m sure y’all will too. As we all know, the world is a fucked up place right now, but Aluminum’s Fully Beat gives me a piece of sanity!

Bodysync x Dazy

Hey y’all, BODYSYNC x DAZY’s song “Back of my Mind” hits me like one BIG sonic disco biscuit! My only issue is that there is only one song from these talented humans! Call me greedy, but I want to hear more from BODYSYNC x DAZY. In the words of Postive K, y’all are a good combination! There is no way you can list this song only once! While I got y’all’s attention, I also want you to check out BODYSYNC’s Rave Generator EP because it’s a body movin’ BANGER!!!


Before I let y’all go, I to turn y’all on to Saturnalias — their new album Bugfest comes out on May 1st via Candlepin Records. When y’all hear the full record, you will realize why they deserve mad shine! Right hear and now, bliss out to their tune “JSUK”! FYI stay tuned — we will be covering this release more in the future!

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Sentient 51423

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