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SOUND and FURY 2019 was off the hook! If you don’t believe me check out these insanely awesome day one photos from Sam Jameson aka Slam Jameson!!! DARE DEAD HEAT DIZTORT FIREWALKER FURY HAVE HEART NO WARNING LIKE IT OR NOT BASEMENT

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When Meghan told me that seeing Angel Du$t live would be “grimier than the record,” I really did not understand the gravity of that statement… until it LITERALLY hit me in the face in the form of a helmet-clad stage diver who hucked their meat straight into my frontal lobe at an appropriately sweaty

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Am I BUGGIN OUT? Nope, but BUGGIN OUT is a sick hardcore band from Chicago that I can’t get enough of! From the moment that I found their demo last week, I have been listening to it at least once a day! I love their use of melody, it’s prominent

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THE GRIP’s new album Cutthroat is the fucking bomb! From the moment you press play, their music will punch you in the mouth until you’re head banging non-stop! So what makes this band’s sound stand out amongst others? THE GRIP know how to write angst-filled anthems full of passion and

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Is BLOOD LOSS the bomb? Hell fucking yes! This Denver band lays down some sick as fuck hardcore that is urgent and intense!!! If they were kicking out the jams in 80’s SoCal, I know for a fact John Macias of Circle One // Punx would book them for a

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Unholy insane fuck – SCAB EATER is the freaking bomb!!! Their new LP Ultra Vires explodes in your ears as soon as you press play! I was hooked after the first second of hearing this intense hardcore sonic beast. This band needs to be heard by all because the music

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