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Warriors of Chaos! Give HO99O9 Their Roses

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For over a decade, the Ho99o9 massive has been shaping and reshaping culture! Their impact is bigger than just music — these two humans has inspired a whole generation to wave their freak flag HIGH AS FUCK! Right now, I plan on giving this group the flowers they deserve because they are truly a force of Sonic Nature. Personally, I never got to see the Bad Brains live during the 80s because my mom always put me on punishment when they came to town. Flash forward to 2017, I got to see Ho99o9 live and they blew my motherfucking mind, and that night, I stopped being mad at my mom for not letting me go see the Bad Brains. Real talk, the music that these two humans have created over the years transcends any one genre and that being said I consider them to be one of the sickest Punk groups on the planet. Many groups will never create a masterpiece like United States of Horror, but these two have done it more than just once. More than just music, I know for a fact that theOGM & Eaddy have inspired so many young Black kids to be themselves and breakdown the stereotypes that both white supremacy and our families tell us we have to be!

Fuck the world, don’t ask me for shit!!! I’m even not going to begin to put these aliens into a box, but I will say that the music that they create is next level.We play this LP at least once a week and our whole family goes ape shit!!! When Ho99o9 comes to your town, you better go because they give best show I have seen in decades!

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Ho99o9’s love for their people is not performative, and it’s not something that they have monetized, it’s something that flows organically within their art! Knowing that these two humans are on the planet doing what they do gives me solace and makes me know that the underground ancestors are smiling down on us! Everything about their music is a HUGE middle finger to Babylon and a slap in the face of oppression against those that don’t have a voice. The courage and raw passion that theOGM & Eaddy exude during every performance is highly infectious. They are also two of the raddest MCs on the planet and their song concepts are sublime.

Their impact on fashion and style is next level. They are never afraid to rock fly shit and do them at all times. What also impresses me about Ho99o9 is how they share their light with their homies. They can be heard and seen in the UNREAL mixtapes they have put out feat. JPEG Mafia, N8NOFACE, Pink Siifu, Plack Blague, MoRuf, Jesse Boykins III, Gnarles Manson, and so many more. All of these comps totally push music to crazy as fuck places on the audio tip.

Yo Ho99o9, if y’all read this, just know that your existence puts a HUGE smile on my face! Another thing that impressed me when I saw y’all live was that your whole touring crew was Black, so I also want to shout out y’all’s crew. We have been here in the underground since day one and the power of the Black creative spirit will always reign supreme! Oh yeah, on the visual tip y’all always kill it, respect DUE! We are really living in the United States of Horror. WAKE THE FUCK UP!

Ho99o9 Ho99o9 Ho99o9 Ho99o9 are back with an incendiary EP called Cyber Cop. They have created one of the hardest releases of the year – again! No other group right now goes where this unit does sonically! If Ho99o9 ever comes to your city, make sure that you go check them out because live they are on some next level shit. 

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ho99o9 are the kind of aliens/humans that drink huge cans OF I DONT GIVE A FUCK every morning before getting HIGH! With their new mixtape Dead Bodies In The Lake they have been able to mix punk and hip hop together into this magical fucked up soundscape that defies boundaries! ho99o9 are two free motherfuckers, and that comes across in the way they structure their songs, which keeps the whole thing very interesting. Blasting Dead Bodies In The Lake is like a rollercoaster with a meth head at the controls – you just don’t know when you will go off the rails!

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Sentient 51423

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