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Philly’s THE GRIP closes out the year with this ferocious new single entitled “THE END.” There’s not much we know about this impending 2020 release except that if this single is anything to go by, it’s gonna be a fucking rager! It’s one of those tunes that has your neck

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Hardcore punk is very dear to our hearts. There’s something about the combination of rage and joy captured in this music that makes us feel at home. It always feels like we’ve entered a happy bubble when we’re at a hardcore punk show. Hope you enjoy this list as much

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There’s never enough knuckle-dragging crush riffs to line your eardrums with and Holland’s OUST are just the sonic ambush you need this winter as you contemplate the futile nature of mere survival. Their particular brand has a little of everything from the hardcore spectrum – at times shrill and piercing

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via Huck Magazine For the past three years, photographer Stefano Lemon has been documenting South Florida’s hardcore scene – an underdog movement that refuses to die. In 2017, when photographer Stefano Lemon found himself at one of South Florida’s notorious hardcore gigs for the first time, he ended up temporarily losing

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So many mornings I wake up and wonder why I can’t just see things like a fucking simpleton. Why aren’t I satisfied with the myriad of crap that the elites have laid out on the shit buffet of life? Why can’t I just go pick up a fucking Starbucks and

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PROTOCOL creates brain-crushing Hardcore! Now it’s time for you to witness this intense full-set. “WHEN WE GROW, WE GROW TOGETHER…” THE STORY OF THE NEW HARDCORE PUNK LABEL: 11PM RECORDS! by @razorbladesandaspirin  Label: 11PM Records How did your band start? The band materialized in 2016 and we had all been friends for

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