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A Blackened Sludge band that we totally rate is TERRE! They released an extremely strong self-titled EP at the beginning of the the year. Now they are closing out the year with a split with SLAVESTATE. Today we are premiering their new video for their kick ass song “Beyond Death”

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With Gold and Grey’s release, Cvlt Nation looks back over Baroness’s long career to piece together how they got to this stage, tracing their sound and artistic evolution. Here, we hark back to the quieter side of their double album, the Green record. Green is a softer, smoother take. Certainly

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Deep within the dense forest of Olympia, Washington lies a massively rooted tree. Beneath dead roots lies a portal into a world unlike any other. The soundtrack, one of consuming death doom created by none other than Mortiferum. Label: Profound Lore Disgorged From Psychotic Depths by MORTIFERUM Their newest offering

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On Oct. 11th, a very special record comes out by the band COLD IN BERLIN called Rituals of Surrender via New Heavy Sounds. This band’s haunting brand of Occult Gothic Doom is addictive and enchanting. The vocals on this album will be a portal into a morbid reality that you

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Australia turns out some kick ass rock n’ roll, and Holy Serpent is one of our favorites! Ever since we heard their s/t back in 2015, we’ve had Holy serpent on heavy rotation, and we’re so excited about their new offering, Endless. It’s coming out via Riding Easy Records on

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Hail to The Wizard! Check out this really awesome live footage of them performing in 2002. ELECTRIC WIZARD will be performing on the East Coast starting in November…Peep the posters below. We will always and forever be HUGE ELECTRIC WIZARD fans!!!    

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