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I know when I press play on a song and electricity shoots through my nerves to gather strength at the base of my neck that I’ve found something special and meaningful to me. BRUME‘s track “Lament,” which we’re premiering here today, is buzzing at my nape as I write this.

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OHHMS come crashing through the Doom gates with their sophomore album Exist (Holy Roar Records). This is heavy prog recorded in the spirit of Pink Floyd, Soft Machine and The Mars Volta. The band have released a thought-provoking video for the song “Murder is Murder is Murder” directed by Craig

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Who the fuck is HARSH REALM? One of the sickest new Death Doom bands that you have never heard of! On the real, their new tape Beyond Torment is a sonic bag of sickness that I can’t get enough of because it’s that rad! HARSH REALM‘s lurching, heavy riffs are

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I don’t know what I was expecting from CHARLENE BERETAH – but it wasn’t the addictive, sinister, fuzzy groove and depraved vocals that immediately assaulted my ears when I hit play on the track “My Dream” that we’re sharing with you today! This Swiss band brings something different to the

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CLOUDS TASTE SATANIC is a band that never ceases to amaze me. Everything about them gets more captivating with each record they release. Their music is an audio banquet that I need to taste all of. Their visuals rip you from reality into a Dali-esque dream world. Their new record,

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A Blackened Sludge band that we totally rate is TERRE! They released an extremely strong self-titled EP at the beginning of the the year. Now they are closing out the year with a split with SLAVESTATE. Today we are premiering their new video for their kick ass song “Beyond Death”

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