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Fly Away on the Kaleidoscopic Stoner Doom of DOOMBO “Kebab Part II”

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Italian stoner doom trio DOOMBO, but when I hit play on their new video for “Kebab Part II” I was instantly transported into a thick marijuana jungle. Now I’m cutting my way through sticky trees as their sonic acid pours into my ears, sending my mind spinning away into a technicolor wormhole. “Kebab Part II” has everything you need to turn off your TV and let your soul float away on thick basslines and wailing riffs. The vocals bring a refreshing demonic hiss to their classic stoner doom sound, and the drums feel like quicksand, suffocating my senses in a terrifyingly pleasurable way. “Kebab Part II” is off their self-titled EP that’s out now and can be picked up here (“powered by Rocket Panda Mangement” ). Right now, break the chains on your imagination and fly away on the sounds of DOOMBO “Kebab Part II”!

Ivan Rongione: artwork
Written By

Sentient 51423

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