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There are many ways to be radical in a troubled and troubling world, and they don’t all involve heavy-handed political messages. Smoulder may focus on dragons, swords, and fantasy in their lyrics, but that doesn’t mean there feet aren’t planted firmly in the real world. We talked to Sarah Kitteringham,

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Did you know that Disgusted Geist / Medicine Noose were in the process of releasing an insanely sick split? On August 8th, Dry Cough Records (UK pre-order HERE), Heavenly Vault Records (GER pre-order HERE) and Live Fast Die Records (US pre-order HERE) are all teaming up to unleash this plague of sound upon an unsuspecting

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Text and Photos from Charles Nickles aka @kidswinging I don’t know why breakfast tacos aren’t an everywhere, all the time thing. They’re the fuckin’ shit. Hearty and not, you know, the MOST unhealthy thing you could shove down your gullet before the first sweating day of the coming maelstrom.  Some

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I saw SERIAL HAWK in the summer of 2017, and I’m so stoked that they have a new album in the works called Static Apnea because I lost myself in that set! Since then, the band has added two new members, Jason Bledsoe (Noise-A-Tron) on drums and Brock Bledsoe (Pisswand)

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WALLOWING is a British Sludge//Doom band that you might not be familiar with, but that is about to change! They have created a truly scathing debut LP called Planet Loss that comes out Sept. 13th via Sludgelord Records and Black Voodoo Records. I will tell you this: WALLOWING is tackling

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For the past couple of years, I have been doing a lot of purging of negativity in my life – physical, mental and emotional – in order not to succumb to the depression that has loomed over me. Like I’ve said many times over the past two years, music has

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