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Pairing two bands together for a split should be thoughtful and while there’s intrigue in seeing two totally different bands mashed together for a split and have the dichotomy displayed and examined, more often than not the best splits are when bands share a sonic and thematic camaraderie. This is

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If you’ve been casting an eye on Ireland in the last two or three years, you may have noticed that it has become fertile ground for some exciting black metal bands; Sodb, Slidhr immediately spring to mind while you have upstarts like Ceaseless Blight. The mysterious Krawwl are the newest

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by Oliver Sheppard Pinkish Black’s sophomore LP, Razed to the Ground, is set for release on September 17. The Fort Worth band’s first and self-titled LP (which was reviewed for CVLT Nation last year, here) was on Denton’s Handmade Birds label; the new album sees them on the larger and

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You have to wonder just how much gas is left in the tank for this brand of revisionist old school death metal. Some absolute gems like ZOM and Bone Sickness have popped up over the last two or three years; the common themes being bands with an affinity for the

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Toronto’s BriefcaseFest calls itself a celebration of extreme music in Ontario, with a bill loaded with some of the province’s most intriguing heavy acts, with some friends from Quebec and even further afield calling in for a visit. The diversity across the two nights is quite staggering too, from math

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The title of your first album Hatred for Mankind was pretty self-explanatory regarding the themes. How much of that is carried over onto the latest album Widowmaker? Widowmaker is a separate root to Hatred For Mankind. It represents another tentacle or facet to the open wound that is Dragged Into

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