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Black Metal

CVLT Nation’s
Top 4 Black Metal Bands…
You Should Hear Today!


FUNESTE from Montreal has conjured up a demo that surpasses many albums in depth and originality! I’ve been addicted to this band since I found them a couple of days ago, and I can not and will not stop blasting them at least 3 times a day! JUST STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND PRESS PLAY!!! I have a good feeling that you will become addicted to FUNESTE just like I have! This band sounds like no other and for that reason alone they need to be recognized for their commitment to manifesting such a special demo. If I had a label, I would sign this band in a heartbeat! Stay tuned for a full CVLT Nation review, but right now press play below and hear why they are one of the sickest Black Metal bands you will hear this week, if not this month or year!


2. EIGENLICHT: Sacral Regicide

I was trolling our comrade’s blog Forever Cursed the other day and found this amazing band EIGENLICHT from Olympia. From the first 3 seconds, I could hear why Haxan was so into them. Their brand of Black Metal is complex, dripping with feral emotion and has the drama of a morbid thriller! EIGENLICHT’s songs are portals that will open up in your imagination. This band is not locked into one genre, they are willing to take chances and that’s why I hold them in such HIGH ESTEEM….I really think you should do the right thing and pick up a copy of the EIGENLICHT Sacral Regicide cassette!


3. FERAL MIND: Demo I: Force & Flux

If you are an avid reader of CVLT Nation, then you know when it comes to Black Metal infused with filthy Punk we just cannot get enough! This FERAL MIND demo came out in 2014 and flew under the radar, but I’m here to tell you now you should get all over this like hungry maggots feeding on a decomposing corpse. The hypnotic, cryptic riffs are ultra catchy and pack the power of 666 voodun curses! FERAL MIND creates that kind of sick in the head music that I want all of my homies far and wide to check out! With all of the audio mayhem you will hear in these tunes, there is a sinister, undead melody happening under the sonic secret this band pumps out. FERAL MIND makes me what to grab my bottle of Jack, turn their demo past ten and say FUCK YOU to all of my neighbors! Do me a favor – share this band with everyone you know that will dig this, because this band deserves the shine!


4. Shaidar Logoth: Chapter II: The Ritualist

This is another find from Forever Cursed, and all I can say is that Shaidar Logoth has blown my mind!!!! This is scathing Black Metal at its best. Press play, then get ready to enter their bleak world where the air is filled with razor blades. Listening to Shaidar Logoth is a whirlwind of raging sonic anger that I never want to END! This band KILLS!!!!!


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