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Black Metal

Witness The Stunning Visual From MACHUKHA “Inodi padaye snih tak lahidno krizʹ sosnovu khvoyu”

Within certain sonic walls of sound, it’s within the space where the gems are alive! Case in point is the new band MACHUKHA, whose songs are full of layers of emotions that we all can relate to. Their new album Mochari comes out on June 7th via Consouling Sounds. This band is not some verse-hook-verse vibe. They want the listener to commit to digesting their whole record, so that you will go on a journey with them where your fears might have the power to make you see the world for what it is. I love bands like this because I can feel where they are coming from. Today I want to share the stunning visual for their song “Inodi padaye snih tak lahidno krizʹ sosnovu khvoyu.” Make sure to check MACHUKHA’s Mochari because it’s fucking RAD!

“Inodi padaye snih tak lahidno krizʹ sosnovu khvoyu” translates to “Sometimes the Snow Falls So Gently Through the Pine Needles.” It is about acceptance and fragility. Accepting that sometimes the snow falls so gently, it cracks the pine needles.

The music of this part feels injured, fragile and was brought to the world as a response to deep internal pain. A soon to be mother that has been in labour for dozens of hours, without the needed medical support, in a cold and deserted place – only to give birth to a stillborn.

When the quietness in between the moments becomes deafening and you’re begging for your body to dissolve itself.

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Sentient 51423

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