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Apocalyptic Blues

Blood of the Wolf Fest III Preview

Covered previously here at Cvlt Nation, it’s that time of year again: Blood of Wolf Fest. Back for a third installation from March 24th to 26th, the rising tide that is this underground fest that takes place in Lexington, Kentucky once again boasts a strong, diverse line up some of the best bands in the American underground today, both known and unknown.

Featuring Black and Death metal acts like Father Befouled, Encoffination, Caveman Cult, Hegemony, FIN, Ululatum Tollunt, and more amidst a healthy dose of Lexington’s own hotbed of up and coming extreme acts and others spanning the realm of Punk, Thrash, Heavy Metal, and more, Blood of the Wolf has once again put together one of the most formidable, interesting fests in the States today, and I hope to see many heads there this third week of March!

Tickets can be purchased here:


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FRIDAY (Prefest)
Sacred Leather 12:15
Pink Mass 11:30
All Hell 10:45
Guignol 9:30
Dirtbag 8:45
Spit Fetish 8:00

Father Befouled 12:00
Caveman Cult 11:00
Rotten UK 10:15
Tombstalker 9:30
Sadistic Ritual 9:00
FIN 8:30
Moros 8:00
Hegemony 7:30
Apochryphal Revelation 7:00
Disable 6:30
Process Of Suffocation 6:00
Sekkusu 5:30
Fornicus 5:00
Hawkbill 4:30
Astralnaut 4:00

The Hookers 12:00
Encoffination 11:00
Nuke 10:15
Valdrin 9:30
Cemetery Filth 9:00
Coffin Dust 8:30
Steel Bearing Hand 8:00
Ululatum Tollunt 7:30
Devil Master 7:00
Mysticism 6:30
Jenkem 6:00
Repulsory 5:30
Bombs 5:00
Frustrate 4:30
Arktos 4:00


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