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Bleed the UK: Caïna & Crowhurst Tour Announcement

Hello UK peeps, are you ready for some carnage? Good, because Caïna and Crowhurst are gearing up for an extensive UK tour!

Crowhurst – Prolific noise and occasional black metal act from Los Angeles, collaborator with such acts as Black Leather Jesus and Water Torture. First time in the UK – or indeed out of the US. Set to surprise the crowd with whichever face of the hydra-headed project he chooses. Not to be missed by any noise fan in the UK.

Caïna – Fresh from much-hyped Temples Fest performance, newly signed to Apocalyptic Witchcraft Records (who are reissuing Setter of Unseen Snares on CD with new art by Jay of Crowhurst). Playing an all-new industrial set for fans of Prurient, Pharmakon, Throbbing Gristle.
NOW STREAMING: Caina rehearsal demo/tour preview

16/09 – Liverpool

17/09 – Glasgow

18/09 – Sheffield

19/09 – London

21/09 – Portsmouth

22/09 – Nottingham




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