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Death Metal

Tap Into The Bestial Death Metal of ALTAR OF GORE’s ‘Infinite Visions of Violence & 2018 Demo’

WTF WTF WTF ALTAR OF GORE is fucking FIRE and manifest sick fucking Bestial Death Metal. If you don’t know how you know that Sentient Ruin just released their Infinite Visions of Violence & 2018 Demo. Unholy fuck yes, this band’s songs make me feel like I’m being taken into the putrid pit of audio disgust. It’s their layers of thick morbid soundwaves that I find addictive. Their songs are pure weapons of darkness that lurch their way into your brain waves where they will infuse your whole reality with maggots. ALTAR OF GORE can play the fuck out of their instruments and are able to construct Death Hymns that will stand the test of time. Real talk, if you’re a fan of Bestial Death Metal, then Infinite Visions of Violence & 2018 Demo will fuck your world up in a good way.

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Sentient 51423

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