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Death Metal

Devastating Death Metal!
Altarage – MMXV Review + Full Stream

Want two tracks that are worth the price of admission? Try Altarage’s latest EP, MMXV, courtesy of Iron Bonehead Productions (vinyl),Sentien Ruin (tape) & Sol Y Nieve Records(tape). Iron Bonehead releases rarely disappoint, and this EP is no exception. Blackened doom/death in the mold of Antiversum your thing? Swallow ash and dust as this album starts playing. This will bring the swirling black hole into your bedroom. From the speakers to your inner lobe and mental apparatus, MMXV will osmose into your consciousness.

Blackened death is performing a cultural revolution in metal. Fuck trends and shit! However, bands that play excellent blackened doom/death cannot be discounted. If Altarage seek to pay tribute, play this in your house of worship. It’s totally worth it. Check this out if cvlt blackness is your poison. Inject this heavy dose of bdm into your streamline of thoughts and slowly asphyxiate into extinction.



Sorry to weed out thorns, brothers. Altarage plays some truly good blackened doom death. Sick of me saying that? I need not repeat myself. Check this out on the stream here at Cvlt Nation and bear witness as Altarage let out some heavy riffage, shoved upfront to demolish your tweeters. The tremolo riffs have so much grit, every riff sounds down-tuned to severity. No leads, rung notes dominating this EP. Swirling clouds of smoke will billow above your bedroom the moment you hit play. The band slows down for some double-kick and tremolo riff, then blast to the tune of almighty Satan rising from the depths. Carnage, bloody carnage!

Two songs are all you’ll get here. But you’ll play the EP end-to-end for hours. Like some dim-sum freshly served at a dimly-lit Chinese buffet, this meaty circus of blackened tremolo-riffs and smoldering beats appetizes without an entrée in pursuit. Feast of the senses, fukkers!


The band mixes up the drum patterns here. It’s not just a blast and then double-kick salvo played in loop, so be warned. MMXV is so addictive, Al Necro has signed up at a psyche ward for an Altarage habit. So be it, fukkers. Al Necro reporting from the lunatic asylum. Al Necro on Kenny G treatment. Fuck, I ain’t havin’ it.

If blackened death is your thing, get this for the cheap price and get two songs that will suffice for an album’s worth of sub-par material. Al Necro out.





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Provocateur/Connoiseur of all things dark and grisly. Published author and freelance editor addicted to underground metal of the highest order! Al Necro lives and writes in Manila, Philippines. Abandon hope, all ye who read Al Necro!

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