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A  Certified SICK AF Debut! A MOURNING STAR ‘A Reminder Of The Wound Unhealed’

WTF do we have here? Well, let’s get into it A Mourning Star’s A Reminder Of The Wound Unhealed happens to be one of the sickest Hardcore // Metalcore debuts of 2023! The title of the record is interesting because I’m dealing with some heavy internal issues and every song on this record is helping me in my inner healing process. I can’t front and I won’t front — this record is HEAVY AF. It’s soaring songs like “Corruption” that flip the script with spot-on clean vocals that have the power to totally make me believe in myself! Imagine if At the Gates, Hatebreed, and Jane Doe-era Converge come together to create an album, this offering could exist in the A Mourning Star universe.

There is so much raw empathy raging through all of their songs that it’s almost hypnotic! The song “A Mourning Star” has the unhinged fury of Black Metal and the all-out feral angst of Hardcore. What trips me out about this band is how awesome they are at writing truly amazing songs that I know are going to take them to the next level. As I close my eyes while blasting “Would It Be Easier If My Flesh Tangled Through This Blade,” I can imagine this band destroying festival stages all over the world! This band has manifested a record that most don’t achieve in a full career. A Mourning Star is a band full of extremely gifted musicians who set out to create a record that will set them apart from the pack, and they have achieved that plus more.

Yo, the interludes on A Reminder Of The Wound Unhealed are the secret vibe that this holding this masterpiece together. Don’t get it twisted, they have breakdowns on the record that make you want to punch authority, negative self-talk, cops, and self-doubt straight in the fucking mouth. This is a message to the whole band: I’m so stoked for y’all and I’m excited to see how far this special collection of Hardcore/Metalcore anthems take y’all! A Mourning Star’s songs will trample your eardrums with each listen! One more thing — if this band comes to your town make sure you don’t miss them because they are the bomb live! Also, thank you to DAZE for pushing the culture and releasing this truly outstanding record.

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