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JUPITERIAN Covers Anathema’s Mine is Yours

From the very first moment I heard JUPITERIAN, I knew I listening to something special. This band is able to transform Doom into a cosmic cloud that becomes many things with each listen! Their last LP, Aphotic, is a classic and if you have not heard it, you should, like right NOW! Today we are so freaking happy to be able to share with you JUPITERIAN’s cover of Anathema’s “Mine is Yours.” Whatever these humans create is underground gold – you better get with the program! Just a heads up, they are touring Europe starting in October… peep this rad poster below as well.



Produced by: Jupiterian Mix and Master: Maurice de Jong (Gnaw their Tongues) Painting by: Cauê Piloto Logo re-designed by: Pestmeester —– Music by: Anathema Lyrics by: Darren White Album: Pentecost III (1995)



Poster by Pestmeester

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