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Experience the life changing sludge/doom JUPITERIAN “Protosapien” + More

Photo by Patricia Montrase

If you are an avid reader of CVLT Nation then you know we are MAMMOTH fans of JUPITERIAN! Nothing has changed with the release of their new album Protosapien which is out now via Transcending Obscurity Records. This band creates Doom/Sludge on a level that most bands will never reach. Their songs morph into these Sonic Cathedrals swirling movement that leaves the listener speechless. As a fan, I really enjoy hearing the growth from album to album. JUPITERIAN is a band that pushes music to higher heights and for that, they will always have our respect! This record only proves that these extra-talented humans are in a league of their own. Every moment on Protosapien is special and should be enjoyed by anyone who loves heavy music. JUPITERIAN manifests sounds that give my mind the space it needs to stay healthy during this crazy thing we’re calling life right now!

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